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Tea Accessories Cardboard Book Set

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Who's Ready For Tea Time?

Unique Corrugated Book Box packaging makes this a great gift for any tea lover!  Cardboard Book Sets are always a welcome gift for the hostess, housewarming party or for anyone who loves entertaining!

Tea Accessories Cardboard Book Set contains Tea Bag Tongs, Stir Spoon & Honey Dipper, each securely situated in its own shaped space, to ensure you always have the "correct tool" for the job...

  • TEA BAG TONGS: Grab all the flavor from your tea bags with the tea bag tongs.  Squeeze the tea bag to drain any excess water out to enjoy the most out of your favorite tea.
  • STIR SPOON: This stainless steel stir spoon is an essential stirring spoon that can reach the bottom of tall mugs and teapots.  The built-in indent allows you to rest your spoon on any mug or cup
  • HONEY DIPPER: Use a wooden honey dipper to sweeten your favorite tea or pastry.  Honeycomb design allows the honey to mix evenly into liquids and drizzle beautifully onto pastries and biscuits.
Our Tea Time this Tea Accessory Cardboard Book Set is a must have for anyone who enjoys a perfect cup of tea!

Measurements: Book Box: 6.25" W x 7.5" H x 1.25" D - Tea Bag Tongs: 6" L - Stir Spoon: 5.5" L - Honey Dipper: 6.25" L
Materials: Corrugated Cardboard, Metal, Rubber, Wood, Twine


FDA Approved, Food Safe. Hand Wash Only