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Stainless Steel Beverage Can - 4 Styles


From our SIPS Drinkware Collection comes these 10oz Stainless Steel Beverage Cans with your choice of 4, somewhat cheeky, signature phrases...

  • This Might Be Wine
  • Running Late Is My Cardio
  • I Need A Drink
  • I'm Okay With My Crazy

Fabulous Features & Facts:

  • Removable Straw
  • Collapsible Sipper
  • Hand Wash
  • Keeps drinks cold up to 6 hours
  • A portion of all proceeds will be donated to build Wells in Uganda

-- Stainless Steel -- 5-1/2"H, 10oz 


A portion of all purchase proceeds will be donated to build Fresh Water Wells in Uganda...

We have all had those marathon days at the office—a deadline is quickly approaching and time is slipping through our fingers. When we finally get home, our headaches remind us that, somehow, we forgot to drink a single drop of water! It is easy to let water slip our minds. In the United States, it seems like we have an unlimited supply of this life-giving liquid. Though our faucets run dutifully when we need them, too many in this world do not share this privilege. In Uganda alone, over 8.4 million people lack access to safe water—that is equivalent to the entire population of New York City.

SIPS Drinkware would like to change that! With every SIPS purchase, you are helping drill a well for a village in need. When the SIPS passion for design is combined with the mission in Uganda, customers can celebrate a small victory in every sip. Whether enjoying the company of friends and family or shaking off the morning’s slumber, you are helping change the world for real people... that should feel pretty darn good. So here’s to making every sip a memorable one!