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Suzy Toronto

Best-selling artist and writer Suzy Toronto's distinctive artwork and inspiring words celebrate life, family, and the special bond between girlfriends. For two decades her lively illustrations and humorous wisdom have been popular gift items. Her signature drawings of madcap women with wild hair and brightly colored attire can be found on greeting cards, calendars, bookmarks, magnets, and more. 

Suzy's bold colors and whimsical designs, coupled with her heartfelt sentiments and encouraging words, capture the essence of life at its best. Inspiring, uplifting, and empowering, her art and writing express the feelings, hopes, and dreams people want to share. 

“The bottom line is I love to create,” Suzy says. “I am forever exploring new ways to express the energy inside me.” And for over twenty years, her artistic creations have been capturing the imagination of millions. 

When she's not drawing the colorful, “wacky” characters and designs that grace so many items, Suzy enjoys painting fine art, spinning pottery, and writing. She lives in Tangerine, Florida, in a house surrounded by one-hundred-year-old oak trees — a space she shares with her husband, Al, and her 28-pound cat, "Bob". She has five grown children and ten grandkids — all of whom she's taught to dip their French-fries in their chocolate shake, make up any words they want to any tune they like, and never, ever color inside the lines. 

Suzy's art is all inspired by the relationships in her life as well as her thoughts, impressions, and emotions. Her signature barefooted characters embody all that is good, fun, and right in the world. 

Her mantra is: “Pretending to be a normal person day-after-day is exhausting.” 

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